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Projects On-Demand When you need boots on the ground—print design, copywriting or editing—and you can't add staff, consider our contract marketing solutions. How does it work?

When you call us, we listen to you, your needs, and best of all, we don't laugh at your insanely short timeline. We make a plan for the project's execution, give you straightforward hourly rates or project estimates, then we get to work.

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Cutting Edge Web Sites

The objective is simple: deliver robust, scalable Web sites that can be easily administered and maintained by our clients.

Functionality, indexing, e-commerce, and search-ability that was out of reach for many small businesses and non-profits only a few years ago can now be accomplished far more cost-effectively.

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Event Promotion

When you need to fill a room, turn to Proteus for the answers. We can provide can integrate your promotional efforts from posters to registration Web sites to public relations.

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Compelling Copywriting Keep your readers engaged with tight copy, catchy leads, and the right tone for your report, newsletter, or Web site. From profiles to feature articles, marketing copy to press releases, Proteus will keep your readers turning the page. Read the Full Story